Place anything EXTRA here:
Converts various documents to a pdf and from a pdf to another format. Registration is required but the site says it is free.
Converts a pdf to word document

Clearly- Clearly is found in the Google Chrome Web Store. The Google Chrome Web Store can be found at the bottom of the Apps page. Allows teacher to focus on JUST the internet article and supporting pictures and/or graphics. The article can be printed. Clearly must be downloaded but is saved onto your Chrome account if you are logged in.
Variety of teacher information. Harry Wong link brings you to his Gazette publication which provides a wealth of information on various topics. You can find archived columns as you scroll down the page.
Tammy Worcester's site gives tips, hand outs from any workshop she teaches, internet resources, etc. Tammy writes various books for how to do projects using internet sites and programs.

Google Searches
  • clicked "Advanced Search" next to the search box to choose a readability level of the sites given
  • using the column on the left, choose the age of the sites, type of sites (images, videos, news, shopping, etc)
Site allows you to copy and paste a long url to make it shorter and easier to manage. URLS can sometimes be customized.
Set up a free account and one can bookmark sites that is saved on the internet. One can write notes and highlight key information about the site that one might want to to remember later.
Site allows the teacher to type in several urls for a class project. Furly creates one url. When the student types in that one url, he or she navigates from one website to another using page arrows that are added to the top of the page.
Great site for pictures to use in all areas of the curriculum