Science Literacy Information

School Improvement in Maryland- explains Disciplinary Literacy; links to helpful article, checklist, and the Common Core Standards
Classroom Components of Disciplinary Literacy in Science
Types of Text that can be used in Disciplinary Literacy

Science Task Useful Sites

NAEP various types of questions for grades 4 & 8 task according to grade level and standards
Quest Garden search for various WebQuests to complete a task

Sites and Information

The National Science Digital Library (NSDL Science)- large selection of various sites and resources based upon standards and grade levels. To get to the site"s resources according to grade level go to: 1- Explore, 2- Science Literacy Maps, 3- choose a topic from the table of contents
The information is split up according to grade level but all resources are NOT true to the grade level in that category. interactive site for all grades and subjects
Scholastic Science Explorations Library Articles on various science topics
Scholastic Online Activities - Categorized by grade level and subject area
Watch*Know*Learn Videos - Use age filter to narrow choices easy to read, brief reference section on various topics. Good for lower levels or to set up prior-knowledge
Sensational Science Sitesawesome collection of various science sites
Energy QuestSimple and Complex information about energy and its use
Everyday Mysteries List of archived science facts that the Library of Congress has explained
Smithsonian EducatorsTons of educational resources on many topics supported by the Smithosonian Center for Education and Museum Studies. Teachers can search by content according to Louisiana standards by grade level and subject content.
Worknikdefine, listen, or picture vocabulary.
Science Underground


National Geographic Kids-Games games, photos, facts
Interactive Games
Dinosaursall kinds of activities and information about dinosaurs
Amazing Animalssites about animals - new born animals updated often, games, and more


General News
Dogo News- news site for grades 3-8; Articles have ideas to use with Common Core.
Newsela news site for grades 4-8; Articles can be read or printed in various Lexile levels. Some articles have ideas for how they can be used with reading, writing, or listening standards.
Science News- current event Articles for grades 5-12; no special information for how to use the article or links to Common Core Standards The site contains passages and questions for grades K-6. There are passages that have science and history content.

Physical Science
STOP for Science! This site is developed by NASA and provides questions on posters with information about force, speed, height, light, and stars. There are questions and content that accompany each poster. Each poster is also connected to the common core standards in English language arts, mathematics, and literacy in science. The content is supposed to be adaptable for pre-k-6.

Life Science
Dinosaursall kinds of activities and information about dinosaurs
Marine Life ALL types of information about marine life

Earth & Space Science
Fabulous Fossils Site about fossils with pictures and information